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High-level Technology

We use the latest in ergonomic research and design to maximize the efficiency of moving lighter loads while maintaining the highest levels of safety and operating comfort for your personnel. 

We design and manufacture core components in-house, practice extensive quality control with fully integrated testing, and develop technical features to increase the safety and longevity of the equipment.

The result is a product that works closely with your operators for the ultimate user experience.


CLX Neo Low Headroom

Challenge any workstation

The CLX & SLX electric chain hoists are designed to help operators in their daily work and give them a needed boost when lifting loads that are too heavy to move by hand.

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Your hoist can be customized to suit any basic lifting requirements. Multiple suspension and structuring options optimize your space and processes.

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The 6:1 speed ratio to inverter technology allows fast and precise movement, which is imporant in assembly work. 

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We offer a wide temperature range to suit demanding work environments.

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Our hoists are designed to last and their simple maintenance access reduces downtime which is crucial in larger processes.

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Dust protection makes our electric chain hoist ideal for conditions where there can be tiny airborne particles. 

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The ergonomic design of the CLX and SLX hoists makes them faster and easier to use, reducing work cycle times and improving productivity. 





A set of gears

Two rebels with a cause

A Konecranes electric chain hoist is an ergonomic and efficient lifting partner supporting everyday processes. The SLX can lift 2,500 kg and the CLX can take up to 5,000 kg, giving you more versatility in your industrial applications at your most demanding workstations.

Redefining the category



The self-adjusting magnetic disc brake is designed to last as long as the hoist does. It is easy to inspect with no adjustments required. The brake is also positioned on the opposite side of the gearbox which will ensure the load is held in place in the unlikely event of a slip-clutch or motor failure.

Overload Protection

Power Board and Gear Box With Slip Clutch

Easy plug-and-play electrics.

Maintenance-free gearbox with gearing made in-house. Our gearbox is lubricated for a lifetime and has helical gearing for quiet, precise operation with years of reliable performance and no scheduled maintenance.

Overloads are prevented via our adjustable slip clutch assembly. This standard feature protects your people, building structures, cranes, and the hoist from dangerous overloads.

Safety & performance

Chain Guide With Limit Switches & Hook

Optimized performance and improved safety with limit switches.

Hook block with a solid rubber grip improves both mechanical function and operator comfort.


Motor and Motor Control

Motor – we also have inverter motors for our SLX Variable Speed Hoist with standard smart features.


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Konecranes – Lifting Businesses

Our Long History in Lifting Businesses

For over 80 years, we have been dedicated to improving efficiency and performance of businesses in all types of industries. And we have done this by continuously providing lifting equipment and services people can trust.

When you choose Konecranes, you acquire a unique source of global experience and knowledge combined with local know-how to empower your lifting solutions and increase your safety and productivity.